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Brendan Briggs

Featured Artist – June 2021

I was Born in Manhattan N.Y. and raised in Los Angeles, CA. Punk rock hit the L.A. scene in ‘78. Unlike other teenagers, I moved out from my parents home, to exit the shame of violence. I went to school, worked at a bakery, a shoe store and waitressed at a retirement home to pay for a a guest house which included a basement. There, in the basement I fronted a punk rock band.

I was 14 years old.

I’ve a relentless drive for: it takes a second to be kind, anti filibuster, social acceptance, advocate for anti-racial educational conversations contributing to behaviors, attitudes and policies and finally, Collaborative efforts with my artist community in helping each other cultivate a vibe of positive, safe, and loving platform for and with each other.

Santa Barbara comes alive in the Spring time.  Flowers in bloom, the scent of star jasmine whirls around me when I walk to the beach.  Every once in awhile sprigs of lavender will rush through on a cool beach breeze.  I’m so grateful to be here in SB I thought I would create a flower show.  Hope you enjoy all of the works at Gallery 113.

Love and Light,
Brendan Briggs