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Carol Roullard

Featured Artist

     We see faces in the texture of a tree trunk. The majestic colors of a sunrise or a beautiful blossoming rose pique our emotions.

     Art, too, should impart feeling. As an artist, I choose to create work that imparts happiness, a sense of excitement or calm, warmth and hope. Nature’s colors, patterns and textures fascinate me. Even as a young girl, my goal was to capture nature’s character and strength in pictures that evoked awe. Photography became my primary medium.

     My photography expanded to include the hidden world of the micro cosmos. Using a high-powered polarization microscope, I discovered extraordinary, intricate dazzling crystals with unique natural structures and patterns. The intricate micro-crystal arrangements I create captivate viewers and stimulate their imaginations to interpret an abstract pattern into a familiar scene just like those faces in the trees.