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Carol Roullard

I’ve always been fascinated by colors, patterns and textures that occur in nature: a tree’s bark, a pile of fallen leaves, strewn rocks along a river’s shore. Even as a young girl, my goal was to find a way to capture nature’s strength, character, and the awe one can feel. Photography became my medium.

Nature is full of amazing sights that bring out human emotions, each scene occurring only once, never to be seen exactly the same way. A beautiful red rose bud, its upright petals wrapped tightly around a core of yellow, opens to become a gorgeous light-infused red bed of curving petals. No two roses form the same way, open the same way, or have the same color. Capturing what the eye sees and rendering it into a photograph takes skill—finding the best angle, selecting the proper lighting, choosing the right focus, all takes time and experimentation. A camera can easily record a picture but not the subject’s essence, strength, and character. When skill and patience pay off, the photograph becomes art.