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Charlotte  Mullich

Featured Artist

Charlotte Mullich is an award-winning artist  Her watercolor paintings express the movement of oil, the color and grace of flora and the beauty of nature found in simple natural objects. 

“In today’s world many lose sight of the beauty and wonder of nature and our planet. In my nature inspired watercolor paintings I search for the grace, strength and hope of the Earth found in simple natural objects. I hope to create an awareness of the beauty around us every day overlooked by our busy lives. My paintings are layered in rich colors, textures and organic shapes that highlight the intense colors and elegance found in nature, the changes of the seasons, and fleeting moments of time, and a close-up view.
​In a world of technology, my hope is that my paintings create for the viewer a new appreciation of our planet, a moment of joy and wonder, to pause, reflect, and breathe. ​​ In my work leaves, twigs, flowers, birds and animals symbolized beauty, surprise, wonder, the fragility of nature and ultimately optimism and hope in the renewal of our Earth.” –  Charlotte Mullich