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Cheryl Barber

Joyful Creations by Cheryl Barber

I was born in Colorado and I have lived in Santa Barbara since 1988. I began painting in 1998 in adult education classes. I am a member of Santa Barbara Art Association and Goleta Valley Art Association.
Art is a spiritual experience for me. I love to bring joy and wonder in to my pieces. Creativity is so much fun! I love getting lost in the feeling of timelessness and surrendering to my imagination.
My favorite subject to paint is anything in nature. Nature has always been magical for me. We are surrounded by so much beauty here in Santa Barbara. I love capturing ethereal energies in my art work. Watercolor painting has become my passion and I love the looseness and mixing of the colors of the wet in wet background along with using control of the medium to bring realism in the foreground. I love how the medium can be mysterious and you have lovely surprises that can happen that are out of your control.