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Darlene Roker

En Plein Air Photography

My goal as an artist is to create fine art images. The photographs I take, once they leave my camera and appear on my computer screen, travel one of two paths: either realistic photographic art, or impressionistic art that expresses my own view of the subject.

What makes me pick one process over another for each image? Some subjects look best to me as realistic photos. I might enhance the contrast or eliminate extraneous leaves and twigs, but the finished image is still quite realistic in color, form and substance.

Other subjects might feel better painted or turned into a black and white piece. On my computer I can “paint” with water colors or oils, create line drawings, or take away some or all of the color. As I look at the original image, a picture forms in my mind as to how I might create an impressionistic version of the scene. Just as the en plein air painters in the 1800s painted their ordinary subjects with an artist’s eye toward light, color and shape, I see much of my environment in the same terms.

Whether I strive to create impressionistic art or realistic photographic art, my goal is to make a fine art piece you would want to have in your home or business.