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Denise Carey 

Artist of the Month

I start every painting with a feeling of abandon. It doesn’t matter what goes onto the canvas or panel. I can play for hours and then step back to see what I’ve created – usually a mess! Then I set to work problem solving to make sense of the chaos. The idea that our lives are often a turbulent adventure but we muddle through is the basis for my artistic journey.

I am a designer with a passion for art. The tenets of the design process are engraved on my soul because of my past experience as a graphic designer and an interior designer. That process serves as my guiding light. 

I use acrylic and mixed media to create layers of structure and order with rectilinear, curvilinear and abstract shapes over a jumble of color to draw the viewer into the interior of the painting. My encaustic work plays with opaque and transparent layers to create a feeling of depth. My hope is that each viewer will spend a moment to reflect on the many layers that define my work. 

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