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Dona Marino Wieckowski 


My artwork reflects my environment. I am a mixed media artist and have never questioned why I had to create in every art medium known to man, but just enjoyed the journey. I love stone sculpture, photography, semi-precious stone jewelry, pen & ink, ceramics, floral design, interior design, and off loom weaving.

After eight years as Gallery Director and Board member of the Ventura Artist’s Union, I moved back to Santa Barbara. I am now focusing more on my art and my medium of choice is acrylic paints with an emphasis on pouring and pallet knife techniques. It’s an unpredictable and vast medium. Creating two identical artworks is impossible and I love that aspect of this medium.

I shied away from titling my artwork at first, but then decided that what I create should have a title: one I feel reflects my vision. I love that each person that view my artwork sees something different. I welcome your visions of my artwork.


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