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Elizabeth Flanagan

Featured Artist 

With all the conflict going on in the world, especially in Ukraine, I have been inspired to create a show of Peace Angels.   Each image is a prayer for peace on earth, especially in Ukraine right now.  

“Peace Angel for Ukraine” is painted in blue and gold acrylic colors and she holds a Sunflower.  I painted her with love on her face to send blessings to all those who are suffering.  

“Angel Gabriella I” and “Angel Gabriella II” blow their horns to make music for peace on earth.  “Angel with a Heart of Gold” brings light and love to all.   “Lit from Within” is a being full of light, peace and love.  “Lovebirds at Sunset” are playfully showing love and care to each other.

My prayers are expressed in my art.  I feel so fortunate to be an artist and have the means to express my hope for peace, love and respect for all humans to reign on earth in my lifetime.

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