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Kathy Leader

Featured Artist

My work has always been deeply affected by the natural environment. Where I grew up, the  richness of the African colors of the earth and skies seeped into my work. Now, the Californian canyon where I live, is surrounded by trees, fires, coyotes and wild flowers.

My earlier abstracted figurative shapes evolved into biomorphic shapes which seemed to struggle to survive.  I gradually realized through my art process that I was primarily talking about the environment’s struggle to survive. I found that I could convey these feelings through mixed media and collage work. Alternating layers of paint, collage, wax, charcoal and my own writings, has helped me to bury and excavate these images and ideas. I do not start with a specific end product in mind. Rather, I allow the process to inform me of the inner workings of my mind: my concerns, my struggles, my values and my spiritual being. My images of nature convey longing and even beauty in their brokenness.

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