Mary-Gail King

January 2024

Wild Child: Stanley at Gallery 113

In the spring of 2018, my world took an unexpected turn with the arrival of Stanley the raven. Like clockwork, he graced my daily coffee ritual. Stanley started as a confused adolescent and slowly grew up before my eyes introducing me to his mystical world.

Everyone who meets Stanley through my paintings becomes enamored with him. He is no ordinary bird. He effortlessly assumes the roles of shapeshifter, magician, goofball, and fierce guardian.

Join me on a visual journey through the Stanley Chronicles, where each brush stroke captures the magic, mystery, and charm of this captivating raven.

Mary-Gail King is an artist, educator, and author who has painted along the Central California Coast since 2001. She has crisscrossed the Santa Barbara Sound and explored the coastline with her brushes always close at hand. She has a vivid imagination which shows in her paintings.

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