Peter Lamberg

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Peter Lamberg is an engineer and scientist by trade with a passion for innovation and imaginative creations. He started producing work as a cartoonist as a teenager, with a flair for satire and vivid illustrations. He eventually started painting figurines and transitioned into more traditional painting with acrylic paints in 2021 during the pandemic. Peter also enjoys writing fantasy novel manuscripts and building his own games, analogue or digital.

Peter applies his shadow-up method to all his painting, meaning that he bases his substrate in very dark colors and gradually adds very thin layers of highlights. This process results in dozens of thin paint layers and yields art with high contrast. His brush technique in abstract art is inspired by naturally textured surfaces, which he can observe imaginatively to eventually make out outlandish figures and shapes. If you stare long enough at his artwork up close you too may start seeing other shapes all over the canvas.


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