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Shadi Movahed Bashiri

Featured Artist


Shadi Movahed Bashiri is an artist with a passion for landscape painting and photography. She expresses her love for nature through her art, and gets her inspiration from the color, form, light and reflections that she finds in nature.

Her artworks exhibited at Gallery 113 are part of an acrylic on canvas collection that is inspired by the beauty of Santa Barbara beaches, lakes and mountains. “Carneros at Dawn” is capturing the beauty of Lake Los Carneros at dawn, “the mountains call me” and “Coastline” are inspired by the Santa Barbara mountains and beaches during her hikes, especially at Rattlesnake Canyon Park and Ellwood Bluffs.

Shadi is also a member of Santa Barbara Art Association. To visit Shadi’s exhibition go to Gallery 113‘s mezzanine located at La Arcada in downtown Santa Barbara. Shadi’s next art show will be at Art San Diego 2023.

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